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Original Card: @RedeuBelbet Tagged By: @SugaOnTop, @jessicaacosta90, & @Helixx for this one.
You share a room with him Oh sweet merciful leprechauns!!
He makes you breakfast everyday Aww! Thanks Joonie, you're so sweet.
He walks around the house half naked That's fine by me, I know the entire layout of the house & can navigate with my eyes closed.
He loves to write songs about you Stop being so adorable!!!
He loves to play video games with you Jungkook put your shirt on! No trying to distract me during the video games!
He sneaks into your bed at night for cuddles Cuddles, rrrriiiiggghhht....I believe that, yeeeaahhh not so much.
He dances for you in the practice room Awww! Yoongi!!!
He takes you on walks in the park, holding hands Again with the adorable! Sweet merciful leprechauns, he's going to kill me with cute.
Steals kisses from you while you're talking to him Hobi!! No stealing necessary, I give them to you freely
Always wants to take couple photos with you I'm getting the feeling that we're besties who love doing random things together just to see others reactions.
Does whatever he can to make you smile or laugh everyday You're killing me Kookie!! Why?! Why?!
Send you dirty texts from across the room Like I said, cuddles right, I believe that.

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards

Kookie coming for you hard
Haha, looks like the maknae has a crush but it cute and funny that you got him the most ^^ and I don't mind you keep tagging me it's fine :)
Ikr?! Youngin needs to stay in his lane
I think so too
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