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I've been posting a lot of news about anime that will be out in the Spring 2016 season lately (you can see my news collection here!), but that doesn't mean I'm ready for it!

Look at this crazy chart of things that are announced with some details.

You can see it full sized here if it's hard to read!
Look, I'm not even done with Winter 2016 anime yet. I have this collection going, but I'm only caught up on like 4 of the shows, and I have so much more to watch!!! I'm not ready for more anime.....but I am excited :)
I'll do proper previews of all the anime once we get closer to April, of course, but til then,

I want to know what anime you all are excited for!

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This is so useful! Perfect way to keep track of shows~
TERRAFORMARS is getting another season? That is so awesome I had no idea. I'm so stoked to more bloodshed
Also Joker Game and Bungou Stray Dogs have me interested
Boku No Hero Academia!!!
@Yatosgirl thank youu~~