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This was really fun! I like my results but I am in danger of losing my bias because of a certain someone. Just watch LOL.
Jin and me are roomates? We are gonna help each other look fab together everyday :D! Although I don't know what he will say about my messy room habit. I can't help it though Hyung! Help me get better ^^!
Awe V ^_^ thanks for making me some toaster strudels or pancakes LOL. I tell him to be careful with the appliances and he listens good. Good boy ^_^.
Hobi O.O put some clothes on! My eyes can't handle this. You are too bright for me. *runs away every time I see him like this* this one of many times he will steal me from my bias. (Also I love how its a pic of him walking with clothes on XD!)
Awe. J-Hope you are making me blush you cutie >_! Do I inspire you? *crying tears of joy* (Help me! He is too bright and cheerful! You inspire me too! Infires man! Infires!)
Ha! You can't see his face XD. Sorry guys! Rap mon looking so sinister because he thinks he can beat me at all the video games. Well, I won't let him! Challenge accepted! (I am very competitive ^_^.)
Awe I always get Suga cuddling me in these games it's so cute! I want to cuddle with him honestly ^_^. I wouldn't mind him sneaking in, I would probably get used to it pretty easily.
Yas Jimin! Work it! *staring at him intently* teach me your ways! (Can he just tutor me in perfecting my BTS dance moves? I want to be better than ever ^_^!)
I think we would get into some pretty deep conversations. Walking in parks is fun and being with Jin would be intresting.
Oh no here comes trouble(I dare you to name that K-pop song reference I accidently inserted!) again! Hobi your really cute but... Jungkook... I am so conflicted. *this happens while he keeps stealing kisses*
Jungkook save me! *runs into his arms and he smiles at me while we take pictures together* I think everything is gonna be alright now LOL.
That's right! I could see V doing this. Keep on making me smile V ^_^! That is super cute!
I can see this happening. I eould just look over at him and wave not even responding to his text. This would be how we would joke around with eachother and none of the other members understood us.
And that's all wow that was crazy but fun! Hobi Tried to steal me from Jungkookie but everything worked out in the end. This is a constant struggle everyday though. I love Jungkook but J-Hope has a place in my heart too. I can't get over how goofy and loud he is in videos. But I really do adore Jungkook. I must stay faithful to my Bias! XD Anyways byeee hope you guys enjoyed my little screenshot results rant!
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