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K-Drama Classics

Here's a long overdue card for the K-drama community challenge started by @JamiMilsap. I've been swamped so I'm sorry almost two weeks late! As promised, I'm sharing my favorite k-drama classics. That's right. I'm going way back! Let's talk about the early 2000s! The old-school goodies that'll kick you right in the feels!

Here's a little history of k-drama in the 2000s.

Back in the days, k-dramas are meant to make you fall in love with the main pairings, hate the second lead, and then get a heart attack from the tragic ending. Nonetheless, the storyline is less cliche! They're a classic for a reason!
I'll begin with a light-hearted one.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Episodes: 16
Starring: Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah
Who says the main lead always need to end up with a young and successful woman? This story is about an average girl who strive to fight for the guy she loves (and her passion). That's basically it. Watch this! If you love bakery, quirky scene and lots of on-screen chemistry.

Tree of Heaven (2006)

Episodes: 10 Starring: Lee Wan, Park Shin Hye, Reina Asami, Asahi Uchida This is one of the rare k-drama that pulled in cast outside of Korea. The story is about two non-blood related step sibling falling in love with each other but because of social norm they were struggling to cross the line. Here's a quick snapshot of their childhood: - Both parents died in a car accident while going on a honeymoon trip. - They were left with the greedy aunt (who basically stole the mother's shop). - Step-brother confessed to step-sister. - Step-sister has feelings but was afraid so she ran away with her admirer/sunbae.
Years pass. They still have feelings with one another and more drama!

Glass Slippers (2002)

Episodes: 40
Starring: Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Ji Ho, So Ji Sub, Han Jae Suk
This one is so old I can't even find a good drama poster! This drama is about two sisters who lost one another after their father passed away. The elder sister eventually found her grandfather but the younger sister had to live with the family that accidentally injured her from a car accident. Since she lost her memory, she has to live with a new name and the rest you can find out through watching the drama. Basically, the younger sister has a rough life and the writer decided she won't have a good day until the end of the drama. Nonetheless, you'll enjoy the romantic, comedic, and sad scenes of So Ji Sub & Kim Hyun Joo (the little sister).
Interesting fact: We're all familiar with So Ji Sub playing the role of a rich, hot guy. Let me tell you, it took a long time for him to upgrade. In the pas,t he was always the poor, hot guy.

Soulmate (2006)

Episodes: 22 Starring: Shin Dong Wook, Lee Soo Kyung
First of all if you're into realistic dating or "Sex in the City" type of genre, you'll love this! The only reason I watched this was because my college roommate was streaming this off DramaFever. I fell in love with one of Lasse Lindh's song that was used in the OST, so I decided to tune in. It's different from typical romantic drama! Interesting fact: Most of the characters actually used their real stage name in this drama.
That's it for now! I know there are more classics but so far these are the ones I have in mind that you guys might not have seen before. If you're an early adopter of K-drama, what's your favorite 2000s drama?
This is cool!! I've only seen the first one, but young Park shin hye I HAVE to see.
@Kamiamon It's a must-watch! @JamiMilsap People don't know how much tough training he went through to get to the top!
@Kamiamon @cindystran :-) I was thinking the same thing about So Ji Sub. before the "upgrade!"
@JamiMilsap They are never too old to re-watch. I actually never watched Winter Sonata but after reading your card I'm considering that one and Stairway to Heaven. I really like Park Yong Ha so maybe I'll watch WS first.
These are so great!! I've seen a couple of them, and the others sound like something I'd watch too! :-)
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