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People from the Indian culture is upset about this video. They are saying that this video is an act of cultural appropriation.


It seems like there actually a mixed response in the Indian community about the video, though? Some think positively about it.
@amobigbang I feel that. The way appropriation has been framed for me is that it's when people from one culture are honored for doing something that people from the culture that created it are shamed or marginalized for. So for example Miley Cyrus' use of hip-hop. It's not intentionally harmful but in the context of the music industry where black artists aren't given opportunities like she has, where they're called hurtful names and dismissed for celebrating a part of their culture.... but Miley is 'brave' or 'inventive' for celebrating it- it's not fair. The same is true of a lot of the imagery here. During the British occupation of India a lot of traditions were outlawed and those that weren't were categorized as savage or primitive (despite being rooted in traditions that had been around since BEFORE the British Empire). Now, when people immigrate to the States (or the UK) they're made fun of for wearing some of the same things Beyonce wears. In the video it's a costume. But for others it's a part of how they've framed their identity. So the problem isn't necessarily the video, or Miley's song, it's the context. And the conversation that arises every time this happens.
I agree with @MaighdlinS at the end of the day, it's the industry's problem not the artists. At least it shouldn't be.!
Well, all of you took the words out of my mouth, hahahaha!
By the way, that girls channel is hilarious. I've watched some of her videos lol.
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