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Finally: the backstory of the great KGB incident has been revealed!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiiiiitttttinnnngggggggg to find out SOMETHING about why Kuga was just lurking but Heath didn't really seem to hate him but....I was just so confused.

So thank god. We got. Some backstory!!

I feel really bad for Heath, though, because he really thought he was doing what he had to in order to protect the club, just as Kuga felt really bad for what he did even though it was...not...really his fault?

I'm really glad that Kuga went to see Ayumu before agreeing.

BUT IM ALSO SO GLAD THAT HE SHOWED UP!!! Even if he was super late, he made it there, and that's what matters!!!! He's really all we needed, and seeing Kuga look happy is something I've been waiting for since the show started.

I'm still waiting to find out what happened to the Tomoe, though.

I mean WHERE did he go and what's the deal with how the others feel about him?! Were they mad...or....what? And I am a bit disappointed we didn't get really ANY running in this episode, but I know there will be more running next week sooooo I am excited for that!

How did you guys enjoy the episodes so far?

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@MaighdlinS It's funny, because in theory I'm also not "into" yaoi especially when it's not ACTUALLY straight forward romance (like if they're gonna be in love let them ACTUALLY be in love), but if they do it well it's okay for me? I definitely feel the undertones here but they haven't pushed it to a point yet that it bothers me, and the story has been intriguing enough that I want to continue!
@RachaelMacy There hasn't been anything officially announced but I think it seems likely ^^
@hikaymm lol thanks
@hikaymm I definitely want to learn more about the characters still