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I know that it's a bit late for this but I never got around to read it until now and I just wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't read it because this was epically hilarious! I especially love the part where Lucy jumps on top of Natsu purring while she does it to him! She's loving it for sure!!! *(♡^♡)*
Gajeel was so into it! Hahahahahah. And not to mention Hiro Mashima decided to do a little GrayLu moment! (o_o) Shocking I know! But Natsu being naked with that pose was oh so funny because he too was so into it! And then Gray on all 4s naked had me rofl! You just gotta love Fairy Tail!
The one part that stood out the most for me was this one...then that small section...then the only two that were paired up...naked nonetheless *(^o^)* (Lucy has her shirt up and her breasts are literally in Natsu's face while he's naked himself while Happy covers his man parts! Lmbo (*-*)
the ending was even better kya~ Jerza💖
awwwww All the couples together