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In the most recent episode of Infinity Challenge, idols were given lessons on Korean history! And of course, the topic about idols' rankings in school would come up xD. The smartest idols in the show are revealed to be: 4Minute's Sohyun who ranked #4 in her class; Infinite's Sunggyu ranked #2 in his entire school and most impressive is B.A.P's Yongguk who ranked #1 among 800 students!!! They must have studied very hard! For those who are still in school (including myself), let's follow their example lol~ Can you think of any other smart idols though? p.s: this episode of Infinity Challenge has received a lot of praises from the public as it hints the importance of studying history to students (by inviting idols on the show). You can catch the full show here:
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i like them smart lol proud to see that education is still valued most :)