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Hello everyone! Welcome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so glad you are all enjoying it! I love you guys for loving this so much!
It was a chilly and rainy day in the fae realm when Krystal went to see her doctor. She had been feeling a little bit nauseas the last few daysbbut had chalked it up to sympathy for Raven, who she knew was pregnant, even if JJ didn't. She didn't understand why the younger woman hadn't told her son, but it was their business and she wouldn't intrude. She was sure Raven would tell him when she was ready. Krystal sat in the waiting room, reading a book as she listened for her name to be called. She wasn't particularly worried about time, seeing as Charles wouldn't be home until later tonight. It was their 6 month anniversary tonight, and JJ and Raven had promised to give them the mansion to themselves. She knew her son was planning on showing Raven the fae realm tonight. Meanwhile, Charles had gotten home from teaching early, and was putting together everything with JJ's help. "She's gonna love this, Charles. You're really gonna surprise her" the younger man promised, knowing Charles's plans for the evening. His mother was gonna cry when she saw all this.
"Queen Krystal?" called a nurse, and the pretty blue haired woman stood and followed her. She was curious to know what might be wrong with her, but in the back of her mind she knew it was more than empathy for Raven that made her nauseas. She wanted to be sure though before telling Charles, as she wasn't sure what his stance on children was. Krystal sat on the examining table only a few moments before her doctor came in, and she explained her predicament. She had missed her period, but she hadn't thought anything of it because she was never regular. That was okay though, because she is a fae, and their anatomy was somewhat different from a human. "Well my queen, Lets take a few tests, and I'll have the results for you within the hour." He promised, drawing blood and instructing her to take a pee test. When Krystal went to the doctor, she always went in the fae realm. The doctors of the dark court were at least 100 years ahead of modern human medicine. Krystal only waited about twenty minutes before the doctor came back, a soft grin on his face as he marked something on his chart. "My queen. I am pleased to tell you that the reason for your sickness is that you are pregnant." Krystal gave him a soft smile, though you could see a tiny sadness in her eyes if you really looked. She was thinking about when she found out about JJ. At least this time she wouldn't be alone. "Thank you doctor. This is very good news."
JJ knew his mother well enough to know that she would go to her chambers in the castle before coming back to Charles's mansion on the outskirts of London, so he planned accordingly. On her bed he left a large box with a pretty black coctail dress, shoes, and matching Jewelry. He left a note. "Hey Mommy. Charles and I picked this out for you to wear tonight. Hope you have a good time. JJ" He just wanted everything to be perfect for his mother, because He wanted her happy. She'd always taken care of him, so now it was his turn to take care of her. While JJ was putting the present in Krystal's room, Charles was putting the finishing touches on their dinner date at the mansion. The ring was in his suit pocket, and he fiddled with it just a little. He was nervous beyond belief. "I love you Krys. Please say yes." he repeated to himself like a mantra, waiting for her to arrive.
Dinner was going smoothly, and before Charles knew it, the clock had struck 8. Her took one of Krystal's hands as he got down on one knee, pulling the the ring from his pucket with his free hand. "Krystal Serenity Kobayashi, I love you more than life itself, and every day with you is a gift. I want to spend the rest of my life getting that gift, so what i'n asking is, Will you marry me?" His blue were hopeful as he looked at her, seeing the shock in her eyes. Krystal nodded her head quickly before removing her hand from her mouth to speak, watching as Charles slipped the diamond and sapphire engagement ring on her finger. She intook a breath. "Yes, Charles, I'll marry you. But there's something you should know... I'm pregnant."
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