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We all know that The marvel univers has alot of badass women. But what if they had one more? As you all are aware from my fan fiction, the marvel universe would be very different with my character around. She would thrash the competition, and have helped Peggy figure out hydra in months, rather than years. Shape shifting can go a long way, really. Then again, who knows... but I'd like to think the marvel universe is better with her around. Thoughts? @shannonI5 @arnelli @mcbubbles @Eclare @XavierLopez
the perfect spy
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For sure! Marvel really needs to step up its game when it comes to their female characters. The comics are doing a great job now but some of their prior work was embarrassing
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yeah i can totally understand that marvel is definitely getting left behind by dc in the female area at least
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mhm. definitely
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