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Carries me into his bed at night...naughty boy
Sneakily fingers me under the covers in the living room while we all watch a movie. Exciting when theirs a chance of being caught
Slides into the shower with me and helps to wash my back and hair..why am I nervous around J-hope my heart is beating way too fast may pass out
Locks me in the closet with him and forces me on my knees. Oooh Suga didn't know you liked to play the dominant one
French kisses me on the living room floor while playing video games together, oh Kookie your such a player
Let's me watch him practice in the dance studio and does a strip tease for me... Any hotter and I may rape you please don't give me those "I'm going to fuck you eyes" I can't handle it
Waits for everyone to leave the dressing room, locks the door and ducks me hard against the wall...holy hell V I love it when you take charge
Takes me out on a midnight walk through the park and fucks me under the stars
Pulls me onto his lap and gives me hickeys all over my neck asking me to call him "daddy"
Lays me down on the kitchen counter and eats me out
Holy mother of god thank goodness this would never happen in real life because if it did I'd be in so much trouble...