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"This is the end I will kill you and take your pregnant queen and make her mines." Your ex Boyfriend said. "If you think you can kill me that easy why do you give it a try." Mystery boy said.
The most beautiful and dangerous creature that's ever lives. You are that creature, you control all supernatural creatures. You are the mother of supernatural creatures. You are the first born of the the most powerful blue eye vampire. The blue eye vampires are the ones who are feared. They will show no mercy to no one. They will kill you before you realize that you are being killed. Don't be confuse by their beauty they are deadly. There about 3000 blue eye I creatures. All blue eye creatures aren't vampires. Some are witches, Fairies, Werewolves, and the most powerful an hybrid. You are that's hybrid, you are that one creatures will fear. You have the strength of 2000 men. You can kill an army of men's with out blinking. Blue eyes creatures can only be females. But there will be the first boy that's is born as blue eye vampire because of your lover. The black eyed Vampire The king of all vampires. The one a blue eyed Vampire would mate with. The deadliest one, the one that's don't even have to move to kill anybody just smack it's fingers. Also a black eyed vampires have wings they can fly with and kill with. They call a black vampire a vampire warrior. Your child will be the most wonderful beautiful child ever. Your child is the first Gray eye vampire hybrid that will control not only all but the blue eyes, blacks eyes vampires too. Also will be able to control black wolves. A Black wolf, a black is the one wolf they don't have to change into a wolf. They stand about 6'9 they walk on their back legs. They are the kings of wolves. They can rip your throat out with theirs claws and teeth. They have Four set if teeth. Two in the top and two at the bottom. The Fight of a life time is about to start. so sit back and enjoy the fight don't be afraid they won't bite in cast you want them to.
**NOTE: Just imagine one of the BTS members with an all black skin with big black wings okay.** You wake up, your body feel different. You can feel the baby moving in side you. You look around and your vision is better then it ever was. You feel powerful, you hair blows in your face as you see how look it's is. You start to stand and you looked down and you have on an all black, red, dress on. it's ripped at then. You look at your fingers and see your nails. You see how long they are, they aren't that long but they are long. You feel your fangs poking at your tongue. You touch you body and feels this little belly bump. You start to touch all over and you feel your head. You feel something like a crown. You look around the and saw your ex Boyfriend and mystery boy. You start to walk close to them until you step on a broken glass. You looked down and saw your face. You couldn't believe how beautiful you are. Your cold blue eyes, with your white pales skin. **If you are dark skin your skin will be beautiful brown with blue eyes **
You see your love and your ex boyfriend about to fight and you can't do anything because the baby won't let you. You watch as Mastery boy let's his wings out for the fight. "This is the end I will kill you and take your pregnant queen and make her mines." Your ex Boyfriend said. "If you think you can kill me that easy why do you give it a try." Mystery boy said. They face each other, your ex rush in and start to swing his claws at mystery boy. Mystery boy dodge every swing. Then mystery boy use his wings and cute your ex. "Is that all you got? You going to use your wings?" The ex said. He jumped up and kicked mystery boy in the chest. The kick was to strong and he fell. The your ex jumped on top of him and start to claw him. Mystery boy tried his best to stop for him clawing him. Then mystery boy use all his strength and pushes him off of him. While still in the air mystery boy jumped up and push your ex down into the ground. Your ex hit the ground so hard that it crack it. Your ex had passed out because of the blow to the ground. Mystery boy get up off if him and went to you he grabbed you and kiss you. He touch your belly. "This is mines do you hear me. You are mines I won't let anybody take you and my child away from me okay." He said to her. Not realizing that your ex had got up. You or mystery boy say how fast and hard your ex was coming. He took his claws and stabbed it into mystery boy back. His claws came from the back to his chest. "No!!! No!!!" You screamed. You didn't know what happen or what but you felt this power inside of you and you went to your ex like flashing light. You open your mouth with your long fangs showing and bit him hard and deep on his neck. He pulled his hands from mystery boy chest and try to fight you off. But he couldn't fight you off you was so strong that your fangs let out this venom that's is poisonous to creatures. Your ex boyfriend stop fighting and you could feel his pulse slowing down. You drain every blood out his body. The you ripped his throat with your teeth. You lift your head as the blood run down your face. When you open your eyes you could see your eyes all black with blue eyes. You stood as the beautiful of the night.
Wow it's almost over. @@amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emeaila @BBxGD @QueenLee @Yaya12 @VIPFreak2NE1 @ninjamidor @amobigbang @merryjayne13 @Orihemay
If this was a movie I would buy every copy and force people to watch it
@DeniseiaGardner I can imagine how beautiful the blue eye hybrid. The fight was awesome. bittinf the shit out of the wolf like dude that's my man. if I fucked him than you, then he worth it. anywayysssssss...... I'm still waiting for the end lmaooo
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