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Aaww V can be such a cutie and I will let him get away with murder. So long as he listens to me and Nam-Joony.
Because I baby him and let him get away with so much he makes me breakfast every morning. I taught him to cook so I know it's edible.
And J-Hope won this round. I'm fine with it so long as he doesn't go around in just his underwear. ^_-
Aaww! He's really a romantic. I guess I'm his muse.
Aaww! My precious baby plays with me! Yup he is definitely the baby.
Jin and I tag team mothering the boys and help keep them in line. It can be tiresome and he loves to cuddle. I have a feeling it's a bit more on his side but it's nearly impossible to say no.
He may not be the best dancer but that's why I love it when he dances for me and makes me laugh.
My baby and I love to go for walks in the park and he always holds my hand. ^^
Whenever I talk to Nam-Joony he is always trying to kiss me and I feel like I have to beat him off with a stick.
Apparently we take couple photos together. Fun to piss off Nam-Joony.
See how wonderful my baby is! He is always making sure his Noona is happy and smiling. I love this boy. (Why can't this game be real????)
To get my attention back Nam-Joony sends me dirty texts that make me blush. Then I throw a pillow at him. He broke one once and feathers were everywhere.
So I basically help mother these boys. Especially Jungkook and V. I have a soft spot for the maknae line. I'm also Jimin muse without even trying. Did not see that one coming. Motherhood can be stressful so Jin and I lean on one another and end up cuddling after talking about the boys. Jungkook is like the best child ever. Always making sure I'm happy and going for walks and holding my hand. Nam-Joony *sigh* you bad boy sending me dirty texts. I will have to get him back one of these days.