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A little fluff to brighten your day <3
Are you busy? A new message happily buzzed your phone while you were looking through books at a local second hand bookstore. Glancing up at the name at the top of the screen made you smile as it was titled Princess Jin. Not really... You replied, returning your attention to the books in front of you, pulling one from the shelf, you thumbed through the pages, reading a random chapter to see if it grabbed your attention. When you are free, can you meet me where we first met? - Jin Reading the message brought a smile onto your lips, tucking the book under your arm, your thumbs quickly typed a message to send back to him. You mean the one where I saw you? Did you forget already?- Jin In the park, at the play park for kids. - Jin He sent two messages one right after the other, bringing a smile to your face. I’ll be there soon~ Sending your message, you slipped your phone into your back pocket and finished looking through the small section of books. Taking the two that you wanted to buy, you paid for them and slipped them into your bag that hung over one of your shoulders. Pushing the door open, the bell jingled wishing you a happy departure, the warm spring day welcomed your back outside as the fresh air and the blossoms let their perfume out into the air around them. Taking in a deep breath, you looked upwards at the clear blue sky, gently scattered with fluffy white clouds, and against the full leaves that were blooming on the trees, you happily walked to the park where he had hinted to. Following the sidewalk, the trees grew larger in size, as well as the beautiful large leaves that hung over the sidewalks’ path, gently rustling at the soft breeze. Walking deeper into the beautiful city park, a glistening sparkle caught your eye, turning your neck in that direction, you discovered that the sun was reflecting off of the small play park equipment. Your stride slowed, from an upbeat walk to a stop, you smiled as you watched Jin sit on the swing, gently pushing himself with his legs, his fingers played with the chains that attached the seat to the large structure hanging over him. Smiling, you looked down at your feet, picking up your walk again, it quickly turned into a trot in no time and the sound of your sneakers against the pavement caught his attention. Quickly standing up from his swing, he ran towards you and opened his arms widely for you, with your arms opening for him too, both of your ran into each others embrace, his arms tightly wrapped around you before he lifted you off of the ground and spun you around, your knees bent, bringing up your feet and letting them fly in the air. Setting you down a few circles later, your grip on his shoulders never wavered as his arms around you just tightened. "I missed you" He whispered against your hair just above your ear. "I missed you too" You confessed back, blushing slightly before you pulled away slightly from the hug. "Don’t you dare leave for that long again!" You wagged your finger at him. "I was only gone for four days." He giggled and looked down at you as his arms slowly dropped from around you, picking up your hand with his, he brought it up and kissed the back of your hand gently. "But you didn’t call or message me.." You pouted, rounding your shoulders trying to act upset for him. "Sorry, I didn’t have any service." He laced his fingers with yours, slowly you forgave him knowing that he couldn’t help it. "I guess that is okay, since I know now that you didn’t die." You playfully nudged your shoulder against his. Nodding his head, the two of you started walking down a random paved path. "So where are we going?" You questioned breaking the comfortable silence, while his other hand gently sat in his pocket. "I don’t know." He shrugged his shoulders and looked over at you. "How do you not know?" You shook your head and glanced over at him. "I just chose to go down this path" He pointed down to the sidewalk, "Besides do I have to know where we are going if I just want to spend some time with you?" "I guess not… but I want to be able to make it back home tonight." You played it off like you weren’t going to get back home. "Don’t worry if there are bunnies I will protect you." Jin leaned over and whispered to you. "You shouldn’t worry either, since I will be the one protecting both of us" You giggled. "Oh good, I was worried there for a second." He placed his free hand on his chest as a relieved smile curled onto his lips. "Was your trip fun?" You asked a few seconds later changing the subject gently. "Yeah, I guess you could say that." He looked down at the tips of his shoes, placing one food down as his pace slowed a little. "Why? You don’t make it seem like you had fun." You probed a little worried for him. "Well… you weren’t there… I couldn’t have a lot of fun without you." He confessed softly while his feet gently kicked a stray rock to keep his blush under control. Feeling a little blush on your cheeks, you held his hand a little tighter, asking a few more questions you finally got him to tell you all about his trip with his family. The trail winded around the outside of the park, the soft babbling of the slow river caught your attention, the forest of trees broke in front of you. A beautiful white bridge soon filled your view, your hand slightly tightened on his while he bit his bottom lip and glanced over at you. The sweet song of birds happily filled the silence between the two of you, slowly both of you made it onto the center of the bridge. Turning to look over the bridge, the stone handrail held you back as the blue green water slowly moved under the bridge. Jin leaned against the handrail on his hip, his eyes taking in your beautiful side profile. A gentle breeze caught your hair making it seem like you were in a dream of his, while your eyes watched a little family of ducks on the water. "Jin aren’t they so cute?" You questioned, looking over at him. Shaking his head slightly he looked over the water and saw the little family and nodded. "They really are cute." He nodded and dropped his eyes. Looking at him gently, you slid your hand over his that was resting on the top of the bridge. Waiting patiently, you knew that something was bothering him but you knew that he would tell you when the time was right. "Y/N..." He called you a few minutes later, looking over at him, his free hand gently slid into yours, his eyes looked into yours while he stood tall in front of you. Moving closer to you, you stood your ground with your knees feeling weak from his gentle yet smoldering gaze in his eyes. His other hand gently brushed the back of his fingers across your cheek, sliding his hand along your jawline, his thumb brushed your cheek lovingly while he moved closer to you. Glancing down at your lips, he looked back into your eyes while your hands instinctively moved around his waist and clasped together at the small of his back. Tilting his head slightly, he looked at your lips once more while your eyes started to close as well. Leaning in closer to you, you felt his lips just out of your reach, your heart started to beat faster, your breath hitched slightly. However he pulled away just slightly and you leaned in and closed the space between the two of you.  The kiss was simple but magical, after a few seconds, his lips gently started to move on yours, mirroring his lead, you moved your hands bringing both of you closer to each other while he let the kiss last a few more seconds before he pulled away gently. His brown eyes watched your eyes open and meet his, a bright smile pulled onto your lips, showing all of your teeth to him while he did the same. Pressing his lips gently on your forehead, he pulled away after letting his lips linger on your skin just long enough for you to close your eyes once again. Moving behind you, he wrapped his arms around you and snaked his arms around your stomach, his head rested on yours while the two of you watched the slow moving river flow under the bridge while the two of you just enjoyed the rest of the perfect spring day together. <3

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That was adorable! 😄 I was half expecting a proposal at the end.
Oh my god......that was perfect......
So adorable. Jin fluff is the best, He's such a fluffy person. Any girl lucky enough to be with him is going to be spoiled rotten.
perfection omf
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