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Ah Ri knocked on Eun Seul's room, but no answer. Eun Seul could hear Ah Ri's voice from her walls and the more she thought about her the more she cried. Ah Ri got sick of waiting and she knocked the door down, her fury slowly leaving her body. She calmed down once she had entered the room, trying her best not to cry in from of cousin.
They stayed quiet for a while. Ah Ri made the first move by reaching out to Eun Seul's shoulder, She touched Eun Seul and a sudden vision happened:
It was a memory of happy days; when Eun Seul and her were playing tag when they were very young. Chanyeol was there with them, distracting Eun Seul away from Ah Ri. Their laughter and smiles were a show of the great moments they had. Chanyeol had taken Ah Ri to a secret place to hide from Eun Seul but to also confess to her. After his sudden confession Ah Ri blushed like a complete red tomato and gave him the tightest hug. He still had no idea whether he was being friend-zoned or did she like him back. They left the hiding place hand in hand and Eun Seul already knew what Chanyeol did for their hands to be intertwined with each other, her happiness for Ah Ri had risen even more.
After that Ah Ri looked down at Eun Seul knowing that the Eun Seul she saw in that memory wasn't that Eun Seul anymore. She started to cry and begged for forgiveness. Eun Seul looked at her and wiped away her tears with her thumbs and smiled.
"Yah, don't cry Ah Ri, please don't cry. It's ok, I'm ok"
"How can you say that?, i know you're not ok, everytime you say you're ok your smile gows weak and your eyes get watery. You were right that day, i should have known how hurt you were, I should have known-"
"Stop, just stop. Let's forget all of this even happened. I'm tired of arguing, i'm tired of running and crying, I'm tired of seeing you cry. I don't want this to be our lives anymore, it's not fair for 우리 모두 (both of us)"
Eun Seul hugged Ah Ri until the tears stopped flowing. Regardless of the fact Ah Ri was not done progressing with her mother's confession, she accepted Eun Seul's offer. But will she be able to forgive her mother?