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So, Facebook gave me an idea for a one shot.... so, i'm gonna write it. I hope you all like it! Be prepared for feels... @shannonI5 @arnelli @XavierLopez @mcbubbles @Eclare
Suffering and ice. That's all the soldier knew until he met her. Trisha tang. She was his partner in missions, and she always treated him well when they were together. Both skilled assassins and spies, they were tasked to act as harmless married couple in order to gather information then kill the subject. Both knew what they had to do, Both did it. They would always do it. Neither of them knew any better.
The soldier and she were very close when he was awake, and he was growing feelibgs he didn't know he was even able to feel anymore. He couldn't help but love her. It wasn't just because she treated him with the care he truly deserved, it was something much deeper than that. Trisha reminded the soldier of someone he couldn't place, though he sometimes saw herbin his dreams. She was as much a spitfire as Krystal was, and she had an additude on her despite following orders to a tee. When he was with her, he didn't feel so alone.
it was a windy day when the soldier picked the glowers to give to Trisha. she didn't know of his plan. "What's that behind your back, sharpy?" she asked, pointing to the metal arm he had behind his back. She was just curious. The soldier blushed behind the mask, pushing the flowers out to Trisha. They were a little droopy from being in his metallic hand, but still good. "For you" he drawled in russian, watching her for a reaction. Trisha blushed, smiling slightly as she took off his mask and kissed him, and for a second, the soldier didn't feel like the soldier. He felt like Buvky Barnes kissing Krystal Kobayashi before this whole mess started.
that's a really nice. I was all heart warmed.
haha, very true, @shannonI5
glad you liked it! I found it pretty feelsy as I wrote it.
Definitely! But what are we here for if not feels XD
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