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Forgive me, this is first card I've done and i want to share with you what I got.
(Carries you into bed at night) Well Tae I'm not surprised. That was super sweet of you.
(Sneakily fingers you under the covers in the living room while you are all watching a movie) Oh, ok...that could explain why I was tired. Hope no one heard anything...
(Slides into the shower with you and helps wash your back and hair) Awe Hobie you are so kind!! There is a certain spot I cant reach on my back, could you get it please.
(Locks you in the closet with him and forces you onto your knees) Woah! Woah! Wait a second, this is not happening right now. No sir. Firstly i refuse to be forced to my knees. I am your Noona! Secondly I dont like small dark places....let me out.
(French kisses you on the livingroom floor while playing video games together) Stop distracting me boy! I know I'm not good at video games, but that doesn't mean every time I die you can steal a kiss from me.
(Lets you watch him practice in the dance studio and does a strip tease for you) I'm here to watch everyone. You all are so good, oh wait...what..are..you..doing? Oh my god..SHIT
(Waits until everyone leaves the dressing room to lock the doors and fuck you hard against the wall) Oh Yoongi! I didn't know you wanted to so badly. On a side note, anytime you wanna we can
(Takes you on a midnight walk through the park and fucks you under the stars) Oh My God Taehyung! Control your hormones boy! It is not ok to keep taking advantage of your noona like this!
(Pulls you onto his lap and gives you hickeys all over your neck, asking you to call him daddy) Oh Namjoonie, I'm so sorry i ever looked at another member. Please, please take me back!
(Lays you down on the kitchen counter and eats you out) I was making breakfast and this is how you...tell...me..you...coo..ook..BETTER! Oh My Goodness...I quit.
I swear this little weirdo does not know how to keep his hands to himself. V you are growing on me, but slow down boy. SLOW DOWN!
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@Helixx i know right! gah this guy needs to chill
@LaurenDimalantaThe Maknae line is coming for us hard. V for you and Jimin for me. What is with the youngins? Who's Kookie going after?
@Helixx @CreeTheOtaku yeah Kookie is totally headed your way.... we need to talk some sense into these boys
@LaurenDimalanta @Helixx it's now a tie with hobi and jin....please they need to stay in their lanes