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they recently debuted and I'm in love with their song "Lollipop." ❤️ they're so precious guys I hope they make it :) anyway I thought since I'm talking about them might as well tell you the members names. (this is also my first card 😊)
Name: Jian (Lee Ji An) Position: leader and main rapper Specialties: Rap making, choreographing
Name: Jeup (Park Je Up) Position: Main vocalist Specialties: Martial Arts
Name: Taeho (Kim Tae Ho) Position: Main vocalist Specialties: Writing lyrics, composing, choreographing
Name: Sang (Lee Sang) Position: Lead vocalist Specialities: Writing lyrics, composing, playing guitar
Name: Ungjae (Na Ung Jae) Position: Maknae Specialities: Writing lyrics, composing
hope you guys enjoy them and support them 💕 tagging some of my favorite people: @thePinkPrincess @SofiaFifi @moonchild03 @sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @MissyKim @BelencitaGarcia @MadAndrea
lol I knoooooow I'd probably call him oppa by mistake if I forget he's the maknae @externallyeli
I'm going to check them out. Honored to be a favorite too. ☺️ Ily!! ❤️
I'm totally gonna check them out, they seem pretty cool! uh and also I am honored to be in the list of your favorite people, makes me pretty shy about it actually😅 keep making cards. I love you 😘
Awh I'm a favorite 😄 lol they seem interesting; I'll check them out
@MissyKim he has such a deep voice for being the maknae 😂😍
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