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Lucy Heartfilia♌

SPOILERS!!! If you are not caught up to the Anime series or Manga or haven't watched Fairy Tail at all...(spoilers will be there waiting so please view on your own will!)

Lucy Heartfilia is an amazing Fairy Tail wizard! Lucy was a rich young girl who lived with her mother and father until sadly her mother passed away and her father wouldn't give her the time of day even on her birthday. Lucy's mom was a wizard too and passed her power down to her making Lucy want to become a wizard too. Lucy left her house and went off to become a wizard from Fairy Tail and came across a funny pair called Natsu and Happy. Thanks to fate Natsu took Lucy to join the Fairy Tail Guild and that's when the whole adventure began! Lucy is an amazing wizard growing stronger with time and becoming a truly amazing wizard in Fairy Tail.
Lucy is a Celestial Wizard, she has (Silver & Gold) keys that open gates from the Human world to the Celestial world calling upon her friends to help her in combat. Some keys are helpful with other things that don't necessarily need to be used during a battle. those are the Silver keys. The Silver keys are really helpful and fun that can help on the sidelines during a battle. Lucy has 5 Silver keys (in the order by photo) Lucy has Lyra: Gate of the Harp, Crux: Gate of the Southern Cross, Nicola: Gate of the Little Doggie, Pyxis: Gate of the Compass, and Horologium: Gate of the Giant Clock. All these keys help Lucy and are very faithful keys.
Lucy's Gold keys are her most powerful keys and they are the keys of the Zodiac. Of the 12 Gold keys Lucy has 10 of them and are her most loyal friends not just her keys. Each key has a very funny and amazing personality making it hard not to love them especially the bond that Lucy and her Spirits have. Lucy's Ten Gold Keys (in order by photos) Taurus: Gaye of the Golden Bull Aquarius: Gate of the Water Bearer Cancer: Gate of the Giant Crab Virgo: Gate of the Maiden Sagittarius: Gate of the Archer Loke/Leo: Gate of the Lion Aries: Gate of the Ram Scorpio: Gate of the Scorpion Gemini: Gate of the Twins Capricorn: Gate of the Goat
Lucy also summoned the Celestial Spirit King Twice! One time while trying to return Loke to the spirit work so that he wouldn't die (She didn't agree with his rule and he showed up to tell her that he is right) In the Tartaros Arc. Lucy summoned the King a second time but sadly she had to destroy a gold key in order to save her friends and the world. She sacrificed Aquarius and was able to summon the King and help save her friends. In result Lucy found out she had the remaining powers of Aquarius and star dressed for the first time! Lucy later on after the one year gap she learned how to share her Spirits power with her and star dress. So far she has Star dressed with Loke, Taurus, Sagittarius, Virgo and Aries. Lucy is becoming an amazing wizard and will continue to grow just like her mother and I can't wait to see that happen.