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Would You Lift Weights With Your Vagina?

Kim Anami does! She is an intimacy coach and she uses her vagina to lift various things. Some of those things include surf boards and coconuts. She says it strengthens the pelvic floor and it increases the ability to enjoy sex. This is definitely bizarre, but I am also intrigued! What Anami does is ties a string to a jade egg, which is inserted into her vagina. The string is then attached to whatever item she wants to lift.

That's one strong vagina!

Okay that's enough vingle for me today
omg one more time.. did I just saw donut ??? ewww
@alywoah a Pringle, they less fattening lol
i mean yahhhh probably. gotta start off by dangling maybe a potato chip, not a surf board lol
@buddyesd @ButterflyBlu It's just weird because when you're wearing black leather knee-high boots like that, it's like you're TRYING to make it sexual, when.. you know.. getting your baby chute burn on doesn't necessarily have to be a sexual. Granted, women can do and wear whatever they want, but I feel like those aren't really optimal for safe fitness lol.
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