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Kim Anami does! She is an intimacy coach and she uses her vagina to lift various things. Some of those things include surf boards and coconuts. She says it strengthens the pelvic floor and it increases the ability to enjoy sex. This is definitely bizarre, but I am also intrigued! What Anami does is ties a string to a jade egg, which is inserted into her vagina. The string is then attached to whatever item she wants to lift.

That's one strong vagina!

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@ButterflyBlu I don't know, I usually go jogging in my Speedo's reasons....
@buddyesd !!!! WOW! Now that... there just isn't enough of that in America! lol What, exactly, are the health benefits of jogging in a speedo, sir? I need to know... for... professional reasons...
@ButterflyBlu less wind resistance馃榿馃榿
@buddyesd LOL YESSSS! omg I'm crying laughing at the imagery. I love it! <3 Drop the kids off for school and off you go! It has to be a little cold out!! XD