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So you guys remember that card about the guy well, we're together now, and it's awesome, he's so cute and sweet, but no overly so and yeah, I'm together with him, and oh yeah he's making plans about us that have to do with stuff in the future so I don't know how I feel about that, I'm excited that he loves me (which he has said before as have I) but at the same time I care about him so much that I don't want to hurt him if things change and yeah. Also those pictures are because we look and act like Levy and Gajeel.
Sorry if any pics doubled
That's amazing, congratulations!! Oh man, I bet SO many people would be so jealous your relationship is like Levy and Gajeel hehehe :D I'm glad you're happy and having a great time with him :)
@AlloBaber Thanks 😁
@nicolejb Aww, thanks
I have a feeling you won't intentionally hurt him too! you seem so nice :D @RKA916
Thanks for sharing that story!! sounds like things are going well for the most part :D keep us updated!
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