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{WW} Clearly an obsession

I'm obsessed you say? Well I guess I am. Here's another waifu I would like to add go my harem :3

Princess Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

Now princess yona started out as a pampered, sheltered princess. But oh boy does she become such a strong matured woman.
Yona is definitely beautiful and even more son with her red hair. I love how she matures over the course of a few days after her father was murdered. She is affected by her experiences and when she realizes she's only being a burden to Hak by being defenseless she decides she's going to become strong and fight back.
I really admire her kindness and selflessness because she could very well stay with the wind tribe and live a safe and peaceful life but she decides to leave in order to protect them even though she's putting herself at risk. I really like how she's thinking of others and not just herself.
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Great choices. ^_^
@NikolasSatterwh Omg yes! you have a long way....*spoiler alret* there's a lot of cute moments between Hak and Yona
OMG I LOVE YONA like it's the best anime ever. I love her character and how she becomes strong. please tag me
@InVinsybll. Thanks! She is a pretty awesome character!
awesome pick! Yona is a really awesome character
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