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I was tagged by @SugaOnTop This is my first time doing this. This is really dirty. So if your not into it just stop right here.
Awww how sweet of you Jungkook to carry me to your bed and let me sleep in it.
Woah Jin. You are into some kinky shit. I hope no one heard anything
Thanks Tae for washing my back and my hair. You are so sweet. Wait.. we are both naked in shower
I don't like being forced on my knees Namjoon.
I'm playing a game with Jungkook and the next thing I know he's French kissing me.
I'm watching Tae practice in the studio. You are really good at dancing wait.. What are you doing Tae?
My man wants to get it in!!
So we just fucked in the dressing room and you want to do it again. Well alright.
Pulls my arm and makes me sit on his lap. I feel his lips on my neck and he says call me daddy. If you insist.
J-hope walks in the kitchen and says he's hungry. So he puts me on the counter and eats me out. Don't tell Jungkook what just happened.
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I'm just so happy I got everyone to be dirty with me ahahha. At least your man is taking good care of you