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I've fond these boys to be just as beautiful and crazy as BTS, and omg Takuya and Shin just oh god yeah gorgeous. Takuya also plays in the Korean show The Lover, he has blonde hair omg yeah "fan girling"
Shin seriously stop being so cute and sexy at the same time, this is wrong "fan girling" my fan girl heart just can't take any more of these gorgeous men...but I'll run across someone else and fan girl again, it's a cruel cycle...
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@BreeHubler Well I definitely recommend I Don't Want To Be An Idol, Say U Say Me, Thank You For Being Born, G.R.8.U, Love Letter, Chaos and Youth Hurts, those are some of my favorite older songs, and then I'd recommend like anything off their new album because its awesome!
@JiyongLeo Awesome aha thank you so much i'll check them out=)
@BreeHubler No problem! I hope you enjoy them:)
@JiyongLeo thanks
Takuya is just Gorgeous! he's my bias in Cross Gene