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I decided to start fresh with fanfics. My last one didn't turn out how I wanted it to. Hope y'all like it I guess! Lemme know if ya wanna be tagged in my fanfic cards.
(School environment) You were just minding your own business. You didn't know what was going on and you didn't really care. Everybody in class was being rowdy because of the new students. Your friend whispers to you "y/n.. Did you look at the new students? They are so hot rumors says they are debating as a group" You stuffed your face into your book to resist the urge to look at them. "Why do I care?" You sighed and peaked up a lil bit because you were curious. "You alway seem angry. Lighten up a bit!" Your friend kept mumbling on about you while you studied the boys faces in front of you. These boys were so beautiful. Your friend was right. The seven boys stood in the front of the room to introduce themselves. "Hello!" They all said in sync as they bowed. Your pretty sure you spaced out when they all introduced themselves. "Are you even listening?" She clapped in front of your face. You blinked "Aish! Yeah I am.." You pouted and put your face back into your book.
Once class ended your friend left you for the mad race to get food from the cafe as you stayed in the classroom to eat your lunch like you normally do. A boy pulled up a chair next to your desk and at you. "Is it okay I eat with you?" He asked softly to you. The words came out of his mouth like butter. His English was smooth as if he practiced a lot but still had the lingering accent. You blinked and looked up at him. "O-oh yeah that's okay I mean you already brought a chair" you nodded as sat down. *It's his first day and out of all the people he wanted to friend was you?* you think to yourself. Jin smiled and chuckled. "Your funny. I'm Jin. What's your name?" He shoved food into his mouth and Chewed. "I'm y/n" you say back, blinking. You couldn't help to giggle a lil but because his cheeks were puffed out from the amount of food Jin shoved into his mouth. He smiled and finished the food in his mouth. "Nice to meet you y/n." During that lunch period he ask you about your food and sparked conversation. "So your a transfer student? Where did you come from" He asked. "You speak really good" "yeah.. Thank you." You reply. "I used to live in USA"
The other members were peaking on them, talking quietly so they weren't caught by the two eating lunch. "Man he's already talking about food with a stranger." NamJoon mumbled. "Not a suprise" Hobi added in. "I wanna eat lunch with a girl..I'm jealous. How does hyung do it?" Jungkook added. "You run away from girls dude you don't try " Yoongi sighed. "Aishhh no I don't" jungkook whined "....guys he's gunna find out we are spying on him..." Jimin mumbled. Tae nodded. "Jimin is right shhh!"
You looked past Jin and saw some faces in the door. They moved right away when they Were caught. "Nice going Tae she saw us!" Hobi huffed. Jin looked at you. "What?" "Looks like your friends are spying on us" you sighed. Jin turned around Ann saw Tae waving. Jin laughed a airy laughed, shaking his head. He turned back to you, standing up. "Thank you for letting me eat with you y/n. I'll catch you later" he packed up his lunch and patted your head. You watched him walk out and scold his friends. As they walked away Jungkook stopped, looked at you and waved hi then ran for it. You thought to yourself *what a weird group of guys..*
Should I continue?????!!!! I'm actually already getting ideas. Comment if ya wanna be tagged or something. Also If you wanna get updated of my fanfics just follow my collection! Thanks for reading!!
Yes keep going!! This is so cute ^^
i like this!!! keep going
@MichelleMonroe yes it can do I'm about to post it in a bit
Its so cute can you tag Me
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