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A little boy gazes seriously at the camera. Yet simultaneously he also shakes his head and grins revealing his tiny but undoubtedly sharp teeth. Two moments folded together, or an attempt to capture the whirlwind of being that only a child can embody? Not quite. Video image projected on a photograph, colour on top of black and white, movement on stillness - obvious play with opposites maybe, but here they seem to become more than just two. Or less, which is always more anyway. Spooky. What turns a little boy into a bogeyman? Playing bogey comes probably rather naturally for him, like boogying. The inaudible screams and storms of hair do not, however, disturb here as much as the ghostly image that dis/appears behind it. Every so often the fast bounces make the boy nearly dissolve into fading streaks of colour and the frozen monochrome stare greets me unveiled. The next moment those same eyes come fleetingly alive with a striking red glow through the lightly orange hair. But then the face gains three eyes, the line of tightly closed lips draws a moustache above the others, and one of the many eyes pauses momentarily as a red button of a nose. The bogeyman emerges as a knot of features, gestures, expressions.
Oh! That is a Finnish photographer. He is quite famous in Helsinki :) Got pretty much of goof work.
Those kid just so lovely !but sometime a bit scary if you look the photo that they not move.