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It didn't take much for a friend and I to lose ourselves in Attack on Titan when we first started watching the show a year or so ago. We'd watch an episode or two a night for a couple of weeks and talk about how heavy each episode was. And even though that sounds like a terrible way to spend your weeknights, we actually enjoyed it.
We would also talk about the possibility of the anime being a video game. As huge gamers, we would always wonder what media would translate well into the realm of video games and we always thought about an Attack on Titan game and if we'd ever play it.
Now that one is coming out in Japan later this month (and sometime this year in the West), I can't help but think of my old friend and how she'd react if she saw this footage. I think she'd be more excited than I am. I'm honestly more terrified of playing the game because Titans are fucking scary.
Some more gameplay footage got released for the game and even though the "mash-this-button" mechanic looks kind of janky, I'm still pretty excited for the game. The other moments in the video where everyone is flying around the Titans looks great but I wish I knew how it felt to play.
I feel like the success of the game is bound to the "gamefeel". If it feels bad to fight the Titans then the game won't be fun at all. It'll feel more like a chore than anything else. But if it feels good and the way one would imagine it would feel to zip around a giant monster in a brown leather jacket, then the gameplay experience could be one that'll get me all sweaty and white-knuckled... If that makes sense.
Even though we won't know for a while when this game is coming out for Western audiences, I'm still eager to hear more about the game.
No one likes a teases
Lol YES! @paulisadroid Games and movie trailers kill me! "Hi! I'm Stacey: consistently impatient! How are you?"
@ButterflyBlu oh man I think the feeling of being impatient for games is a feeling I live in hahaha
If the game is out before the next season of AoT, it will be a nice little treat for the fans~
I was thinking the same thing. The success is going to come down to the maneuver mechanic and the urgency. ya go getting me impatient for Another game. >.<
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