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Marvel day 3

This one reminds me of the "What if..." scenarios and it's one of the more interesting forms of comic book storytelling. I like to see an alternative history of America and other parts of the world that have happened in the past within the Marvel universe, and how each character handles it.
Ha yeah, it would be...marvelous! @shannonl5
Or perhaps an alternative version of each character in different points in time?
Ooooh this could be really cool! Like what if Iron Man was sent back in time, would we have electricity faster?
@shannonl5 In an alternate time line? It would be interesting to see how a situation where people who have super powers, would play out. Who would be confederates, and who would be with the northern forces.
@Patmanmeow I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE @ThePervySage what do you think? Civil War arc during the American Civil War?
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