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This one reminds me of the "What if..." scenarios and it's one of the more interesting forms of comic book storytelling. I like to see an alternative history of America and other parts of the world that have happened in the past within the Marvel universe, and how each character handles it.
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Or perhaps an alternative version of each character in different points in time?
@Patmanmeow oooh yeah! I'd like to see an earlier version of Black Widow, since so much of her history was tied into the Cold War. Maybe as a southerner who switched sides to spy for the North during the Civil War? Also: The Marvel Civil War arc, set in the American Civil War
Ha yeah, it would be...marvelous! @shannonl5
@Patmanmeow I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE @ThePervySage what do you think? Civil War arc during the American Civil War?
@shannonl5 In an alternate time line? It would be interesting to see how a situation where people who have super powers, would play out. Who would be confederates, and who would be with the northern forces.