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How well do you know Remy LeBeau?

Last week's Daredevil was a tough one! In honor of his upcoming movie, this week we'll be doing Gambit! I'm going to tell you three facts about him, but one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments and next week we'll see the answers!
1. He's beaten Wolverine- not once but twice!
2. Gambit was forced to join team Apocalypse but Rogue's love saved him.
3. He carried daggers, not cards in his first full appearance.

Here are the answers from last week!

1. He was mayor of New York for a few years. LIE
2. David Bowie's ex-wife tried to make a DD tv series, with Bowie as Black Widow. TRUE
3. His secret identity has been outed to the press. TRUE
Yup! Karl Kesel had the idea to make Matt Murdock the mayor of New York but the idea was eventually turned down. Poor guy has had a lot of identity problems over the years. And I don't know about everyone else, but I kind of want to see that unmade Daredevil series. Bowie looked good in leather!

Good luck everyone!

I'm so grateful to whoever to David Bowie that spandex just wouldn't work for him馃憦馃憦馃憦
@kneelb4zod ooh that's an interesting thought! I'd been imagining Bowie playing the character as either trans or genderqueer
@shannonl5 that's cooool I been thinking if he would of played her as woman or a man and have a same sex relationship with daredevil
@kneelb4zod tbh she would have been great too... but yup he was considering the role XD
2 is false and for last weeks I failed I always thought Bowies ex wife wanted to play black widow
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