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20) Why are you a MonBebe? There are many reasons..... and I cant think of a lot atm..... Why am I a MonBebe?? It actually takes a lot for a band to catch my attention.... I would say that I found Monsta X out of boredom... But they really didnt catch my attention until I saw their Hero song.... it blew my mind!!! Then I got to knowing their names and I fell in love.... each group that I am a fan gives me different emotions and thoughts.... Sidetracking away from these boys.... take for example Shinee. My first band they hold the spot for introducing me to Kpop... Or like Bts who give me feelings of joy and knowing there are others who feel like me.... Even like Vixx...who make me feel loved! So being a MonBebe is kind of knowing that I could be myself.... to me they are my bf's that's kind of how they present themselves.... being weird and just living in the moment.... I guess in simple terms....being a MonBebe is having a bunch of weird friends....loving the sensation of being a badass with a side of cute ~@m'
The most accurate description of Monsta X and the MonBebe fandom.
I like that! Bad Ass with a side of Cute Lol ^^