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Hey Nakama! It's Waifu Wednesday in the community again!

Today the waifu I'm focusing on is a living throwback, a badass woman who's been around since the beginning of one of the most iconic series in all of anime. The woman of course is Bulma Brief, and she hails from Dragon Ball.
We're first introduced to Bulma in the very beginning of Dragon Ball, when her search for the eponymous orbs leads her straight to a young Goku, possessor of the 4-star ball, one of his only remaining tokens from his father figure Gohan.
Bulma tries to relieve Goku of his dragon ball unsuccessfully, and becomes inextricably linked to Goku forever forth.
Bulma is an emotional being, and because of how often her friendship with the Z fighters gets her into hot water, she's often at her wit's end trying to deal with the mounting challenges. However, her keen sense for technology often proves to be invaluable to the Saiyans and co.
Bulma eventually shacks up with Vegeta, demonstrating some strange ironclad willpower, as constraining the Prince of All Saiyans is no easy task. She gives birth to another of the universe's strongest fighters in Trunks.
She also gives him the best hat ever.
Bulma gives so few f*cks that she stood up against the God of Destruction Beerus, showing no fear even as her powerful husband attempts to assuage the God.
Bulma Bried doesn't take shit from anyone. Not her overblown husband and not some stranger who shows up at her birthday.
She's a definite badass and a timeless waifu.
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@crommukk I would say ChiChi is an equivalent badass. she manages to keep Goku on lock, and he must be an even bigger handful
lmao!!!!!!!! she give so few f**cks!!!!!! @InVinsybll... that line was the best
hahahaha thanks @PASCUASIO
I am still stuck on Vegeta trippin over Bulma getting smacked. shit was too funny
chi chi and bulma even bulma is older have gotten into intense spats