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I don't know if that is even this challenge's name. I also forgot who tagged me for this challenge, but I thought it looked like fun, so here I go!!!
1. Tomorrow - BTS This song impacted me in so many ways, first off because I heard this while I was struggling with so many things, and this encouraged me to fight to change some things about myself. This song also gave me hope that things would get better.
2. Melted - Akdong Musicians This song is just powerful, of you haven't heard any AKMU songs, I encourage you to. This song made me realize that the world we live in is full of people that have no regard for other people's feelings.
3. The last but definitely not the least impacting song is...Run by EXO, not only is the beat catchy but the message behind it is beautiful. It says you are allowed to dream and imagine things. To quote the song "all bold imaginations are possible." Everyone please feel free to complete the challenge, that is if you want to or haven't done it already.
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@DestinaByrd that's true!!!馃槆
Everyone I just found out this is the "Song Connection Challenge".
Gurl....AKMU is the gems of YG....too bad he is keeping them in his treasure box along with Katie Kim YG should open his treasure box this year
@pandakpotaku he just wants to keep them all to himself. I am looking forward to a comeback from them!!!
@NaughTae, I forgot to tag you since I forgot your new username, sorry!!