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This metallic navy eye look has me mesmerized from stem to stern! Created by Sonjdra deluxe, I can't get enough of this makeup style that evokes a moody sophistication. For the modern bride out there that loves makeup, this is a dazzling way to ante up the drama this Winter season as you tie the knot.

Get the look:

Lids are Anastasia Beverly Hills "World Traveler" palette for this look with a bit of Kat Von D Metal Crush in "Paranoid" over the lids. Motives Cosmetics LBD eyeliner gel.
Lips are AJ Crimson "Subculture" lipstick
Eyes are Desio Eyes "Icy Blue" contacts
In a future card I am going to write about contact lenses. I'm really impressed with the look of her Desio contacts seen here.
Loveeeee the blue with the nude lip!
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this makeup artist nails it everytime
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Yes, she is so amazing! Makeup skills on point.
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