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I've been set back so many times by my own ways, trying to please, and not pleasing myself, justifying all I've done. But in the midst all of all that, something clicks. Its the GUT, or that little voice.. So pay attention to your clicks, its praises and motivation for YOU.
Great advice, @mscocoasupreme :) I love when I have those little clicks or moments of clarity, as I think of them. They're definitely a confirmation of all the growing up I've been doing these past few years. I hope I never stop learning and growing :))
@AlloBaber, Glad this made a "click" for you. lol, when it clicks, it just freaking clicks! say that 5times fast.
Hahaha I'll try XD I think I'll just end up spitting out gibberish... but yes, clicks are the best. ^_^