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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Apparently, the Dutch police have had enough of unauthorized drones flying around, and they are doing something to fix it.

Unauthorized drones are a problem.

Since the rise of drones a few years ago, the use of unauthorized drones has become an increasingly serious problem. There have been many close calls of drones near airplanes or government buildings. The Dutch police recognized this serious problem and decided to do something about it.

Introducing Guard From Above.

Guard From Above, a company based in The Hague in The Netherlands, is using birds of prey (including eagles) to intercept and take down unauthorized drones. Guard From Above has partnered with the Dutch police to research the viability of using these birds of prey to take down drones. The birds see the drones as prey and grab them with their claws and take them to the ground. The birds talons are incredibly strong and are believed to not be affected by the motors or propellors of the drones.
To see the birds' training in action, check out this video.

What do you think?

Do you think this a good solution to unauthorized drone usage?
if it truly doesn't affect the birds, then definitely. it will promote conservation and spark interest of the public so that they'll take a positive interest in these birds and how they behave
@Bwolfgirl I definitely agree! I think that it could really make people aware of how important these birds are since a lot of them are on the endangered species list.
yes.. I just watched it last night.. awesome birds..hope they will train it 'very well'. haha