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Good personalize advice is great, but sometimes you just want to watch and listen to someone you've never met on the inter webs to help you sort out your life.
I was talking with some friends about where they get some of their love advice and ideas, and actually some of them listen to some really awesome YouTubers. I did some research, and voila! I found me some love experts.

Here's some I enjoy!

Julian Huguet (SoulPancake)

Ok, so this is just a general Youtube for happiness, love advice and relationships, but it's probably my favorite. Why? Because science! The host makes a point to help the watcher (me) see the study that's going on and how it applies to humans. I love science plus love.

Emily Hart

Popular mostly for her "10 Reasons Why" Youtube's Hart has the ability to make you laugh, but also give it to your straight. Plus she has an amazing accent just makes it that much better.

Matthew Hussey

Matthew is a wonderful man and recent discovery. A male coach for women looking for a man? Amazing. He has written a best-selling book about it too, so you know he's pretty dang legit!


Ok, ok she does several videos with a variety of content, but her relationship one are actually hilarious. This woman is pretty much the opposite of me, outspoken and totally loud. Sometimes it's just fun to see her perspective on the world.

Any other YouTube Love advisors I'm missing!?

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I didn't think about that wow :( @nicolejb
I'm a huge fan of SUPERWOMAN! I always watch her videos & even have posted a few on here. Matthew has rest ones as well. I'm not familiar with the others, but I plan on getting very familiar!!
Huge fan of Matthew hussey all the way hid relationship advise is awesome
Awww superwoman😍🙌 !!!! She's ma queen!!! N abt love i actually watch mimi ikonn(idk if i got her channel name right) coz i adore watching her & hubby going on trips n doing morning routines together. They're relationship goals for me! Btw even michelle phan has some great tips abt love and apparently zoella also is great at love & relationships advices(all my friends love her) but i don't watch her vids.
@JesseniaGinel I'm new to Matthew but he's so cute and actually has a lot of awesome things to say. Really specific and awesome tips! ohhhh yeah I'm a big fan of Michelle too @humairaa :D she actually has a lot going on right now, it's so cool to see all these youtube peeps doing their thing!