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Two months ago it was announced that Bayonetta was coming to Smash. And today (February 3rd, 2016) she arrives along with Corrin (but who really cares about them, right? No, not right. I'm just kidding). So as a quick reminder for all you folks with a Wii U and Smash, you can pick up Bayonetta today if you haven't already.
Honestly, I hope that my one friend who has Smash and Wii U picks up Bayonetta along with Corrin because I really want the chance to try them both out before I (hopefully) get a Wii U and the game for myself.
While watching the video above, I found myself getting pretty excited for that chance. I forgot how cool Bayo's moves look. And it also reminded me that I, pretty much, love the character and the fact that she's involved in the game now. Part of me wants to make her one of my mains but, again, I'd need to annoy and frustrate one of my friends just so I could constantly play the game at their house.
Anyway, are any of you guys going to pick up Bayo today if you haven't already?
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So do clowns @InVinsybll but you don't see them top tier in smash
@paulisadroid that's why you ain't in top tier, homie
Oh wow @InVinsybll, that hurt... I thought we were friends. Wow. Geez. Ouch. Ow.
@paulisadroid that's what yo uget for clownin' around
yes she can combo like no other character. but they are hard to pull off to. it will take someone that will dedicate time to her and make her their main in order to pull out the best. no idea if she has a kill combo though. no throw combo. like I said no approach option either. shiek has needles, zss has her paralyzer, Mario fireballs, etc. I'm not saying she's bad. she can't be. her best combo does about 60 percent or so. sounds like Mario all over again.