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I know this is a bit late. Forgive!!!
(You share a room with him) So sharing a room with you huh? I am more than ok with that!
(He makes you breakfast everyday) Welll I'm not sure about your cooking sweety. As long as you give me rice and toast we should be good.
(He walks around the house half naked) No Jimin we have talked about this. I'm happy that you have a belly now, but can you refrain from always showing us. There is already one Taeyang out there, i know he is your idol. Let's just slow down.
(He writes love songs about you) Hope it's about how he loves the messes I make..At least I don't brake things.
(He plays video games with you) Yay!!!!
(He sneaks into your bed at night for cuddles) Jimin, as long as you have a shirt on I am ok with some nightly cuddles. Maybe Namjoon can join since we share a room.
(He dances for you in the practice room) Sure you dance for me. You can't even say hi to me...Little Kookie, let your wings fly!
(He takes you on walks in the park, holding hands) I love walks in the park. Such a sweetie you are Jin.
(Steals kisses from you while you're talking to him) Woah there V. You gotta slow down. I knew this would lead up to something...
(Always wants to take couple photos) I would love a couple pic with you! Polaroids!
(Does whatever he can to make you smile or laugh everyday) More couple pictures!!! Funny faces work too!
(Sends you dirty texts feom across the room) Tae!!! I knew it started somewhere! Slow down boy slow down!
These boys have no sense of control. I'm gonna loose my mind. Tagging some people @SugaOnTop @Helixx @CreeTheOtaku @lovetopia @SarahVanDorn
@LaurenDimalanta We just can't shake the Maknaes can we?
@SugaOnTop i know right...
well at least we know where it all started
@CreeTheOtaku ugh my heartu
@LaurenDimalanta he's gunning for you and v means bidness