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1) Everything Automatically Tastes Better

Whenever you cook and add a bit of sofrito, your food just automatically tastes so much better. Whether that's in yellow rice, beans, or soups....sofrito is basically the most perfect thing and lorddd when it hits that oil!!!

2) Fresh Sofrito Smells Better Than Cake

It's hard to explain the way fresh, homemade sofrito smells like....but it's literally the best smell on earth. It smell so good, you're sorta tempted to take a spoonful of the stuff and just eat it. (^_^)

3) It Brings Memories

When I prepare sofrito, it reminds me of my abuela. It reminds me of all the times I would watch her make the sofrito from scratch. When she makes sofrito, I think of all of the delicious foods she will make with it. The beans, the rice, the stews, the everything! And sometimes, she'll make a special batch of the stuff and send me home with it.

4) It's Usually Kept In a Butter Tub

You already know what's up...there ain't no butter in that tub. But there's something much, much better. It's sofrito. Who here can live without butter, as long as there is sofrito? *Raises hand*
Check out this sofrito recipe HERE!
I like Makin my own sofrito with green pepper onion n garlic
your not lying sofrito brings out that awesome flavor in the food
never hsd sofrito but it sounds amazing! i would add avocado to it thooooooooo
hmmmm not quite. i guess i say that because u dont have sofrito's used as a base for a type of seasoning sort of @animaniafreak
yessss!!! @LAVONYORK I haven't made my own in some time. But I think I'll make some this weekend
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