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Why do we love? What reason is there I wonder? To love slowly fall in love with a person you will probably never meet. A love so sweet thinking of that person makes you smile even if you are sad. You realize the space between and you want to scream. You understand the likelihood of ever seeing his face a you feel as though you're heart is being ripped from your chest. All around you people tell you that your love is pointless and that you should give up. You want to cry but your tears have stopped years ago from a different pain. So you ask yourself, why, for what reason do we love if it only brings pain. Why do we dream if to only realize how hopeless your dream coming true is? Why love? Why?
Look up I tell you and smile. Look at the sky which God has so artfully paint for you to see each day, and know that the love that you have in your heart is not useless. This love that causes you such heartache and pain makes you who you are. So look up and smile. Smile and remember you where born at the same time as that person so that you could know of him and experience this love. The tears you wish that you could cry are there for a reason. This love that God has allowed you to find is a miracle. To think that you would be born in the same time of this person is amazing. So smile and know that God lead you to him so that his music, and his smile can help you through the hard time. To make you laugh when you want to scream so don't let those few moments of sadness outweigh the good. Don't let pain destroy this love. Have hope that anything is possible through God's grace. I'm not saying that this will be the man for your whole life. I am simply saying this is the man you love right now for a reason. So look up at the sky and smile because it is a miracle that you and him get to live under the same sky.