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I just brought my boyfriend home to meet my family, and I have to say, it's pretty much the most fun thing ever. I mean, watching all these people I love talking and hugging and laughing with each other? It's the best!
It's a big step in the relationship, bringing them home to meet the folks. We all know that. So if you're edging closer to that step with someone, what should you keep in mind?

Do a little bit of prep work for easier conversations.

Make sure you give both your S.O. and your family the down low on each other: family dynamics, taboo topics, political and religious affiliations, dietary restrictions, etc. Then you can be reassured that no arguments or awkward silences break out at dinner.

Keep them from feeling lost.

Your S.O. is likely going to be pretty nervous before meeting your parents. That's totally natural; they want to impress them and not make any big faux pas in front of them. You can do your part by acting as a guide: tell them when to take their shoes off, where to sit, the house rules, etc. They'll definitely appreciate it.

What makes you weird?

My mom and I talk in high pitched voices to each other ALL THE TIME. My boyfriend says we sound like Muppets. Lol. I made sure to prepare him for this, as well as my family's other weird habits... such as being super silly, hugging a lot, and constantly talking about butts (we're mature, I know).

Don't apologize.

You shouldn't feel like you have to apologize for your family or your S.O. People are people. So what if your family's weird or your S.O. is a bit nervous at first? With any luck, they'll have a looonnggg time to get to know each other. Let your nerves and anticipation go, and have fun! :) These are the stories you'll remember!
Any questions about meeting the family or bringing them home to meet yours? Post them below! :)
I had another interesting barrier - a language one haha! My boyfriend's English is awesome but not totally fluent and when my family and I get together we talk FAST. I told my parents ahead of time to remember to sort of chill out in order to help my bf feel comfortable in an already pretty stressful situation
@Emsugr28 I agree with Ms. @AlloBaber on that point of making sure it is long term, because there's not much worse than your various family members asking you how your Ex is as you see them over the course of months or years (depending on how spread out your family is. If this makes sense lol My aunt lives in Texas and she asked me about a girlfriend introduced to her 11 months prior, the last time she had come to a family party, and whom I had broken up with 2 months earlier lol) And while double dating with the parents IS daunting, I think it's a necessary event. It's supposed to make you both nervous. Would you go through that with somebody you're not serious about? It's also a good gauge for the parents. If he doesn't open the doors for you, if he doesn't pull out your chair, if he shoves ahead of you instead of walking behind, if the parents see him checking out other girls, if he can't speak respectfully until it's shown that they're okay with joking around, etc. There's a whole list and I can keep on going. I think the point is made, though. It's a huge, necessary milestone in a relationship. To me, at least haha I would personally recommend family parties. I find that a lot easier. It's a lot less proper and intimate. There is some chance for it to be awkward, if your family is like mine and will jokingly say," Damn! Another girl? That's the 8th one in the past 3 months!!" to anybody you introduce to them haha Or "Ah, we liked the last one better!!" or other stuff like that haha But overall, parties, especially ones for younger kids are the best. There's also a lot that can be observed there!
Basically when you feel the moment is right @Emsugr28 :) I'd say wait a month or two, or at least until you know it's long term and serious. But after that, it's up to you!
@cindystran whoa!! luckily my family reacted well and it was a good visit...glad you family came around too :D
@sophiamor Your situation is relatable! When I brought my boyfriend (now husband) to meet my family it was a total mess. I actually didn't let them know ahead of time and kind of gave them a surprise haha. Well, long story short my family didn't like him in the beginning because he's not Chinese so there's a lot of culture differences and my grandmother couldn't communicate with him (She can't speak English). In the end, everything worked out and we're married!
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