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A stunning illustration about heartbreak, loss, and finding love. I hope you guys enjoy it. Two lines in particular stood out to me.
The first: "An ugly heart is the most beautiful heart of all."
I definitely believe that we should look at heartbreak in a positive light. It sucks when it happens, but it frees you, too – frees you to pursue the beautiful possibility of finding someone whose heart really does fit perfectly with your own.
I also believe hearts can heal. Even though mine has been broken many times, today it feels whole. It has grown and learned from all the hurt, and become stronger.
The second line that I loved: "Always in love and always hopeful. Because one day, it might find the perfect fit."
Are you hopeful, despite a broken heart? I think allowing yourself to be positive in spite of painful experiences is the first step to healing, moving on, and finding love again. What do you think?
Comic by The Snipster.
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Aww @AdqAsh what's on your mind, hun? @ButterflyBlu definitely sounds familiar to me. I think we can all identify with that feeling of being hurt and afraid to let the next person in... anyone who can't, just give it a little time. Lol. @humairaa I don't think the ugly heart is something you need to necessarily go after, but I do think it's nice how this comic points out that it's actually not a bad thing to feel a little broken! You learn and grow from it, and you don't have to let it define you ^_^
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So happy you guys enjoyed this!! :D @JesseniaGinel @AkashBhojraj @shanu2905 :) Anytime <3
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I don't know how to hope. But I try anyway.
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@AlloBaber.....nothing last forever but I just be who am I. no matter 1000s xs my heart, hope & happiness gone....There's so much love in me & ill shared it tp those who enters my life. As we grow older, our love isn't cheap & rare
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really I'm short of words.i'm a guy but have been disappointed many times,when a girl you love cheats on be coz of that be coz of this.still yet I share my heart honestly with any girl I chose to date.hope to fine a fit to my heart.
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