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1. A little comedy, supernatural, action/thriller
2. My character is strong independent, honest and kind. Silly beautiful, and works hard.
3. Leading Man (no surprise there right)
4. Leading Lady
5. Second leading man/Song Joong Ki/Suzy/Second leading woman/brother/Jang Geun Suk
6. Best friends female and male Hwang Jung-Eum and Lee Hong Gi
7, Story
Everyday life anything goes. Romance, overcoming hardship
Park Shin Hye works very hard help supporting her family. She has two younger siblings and one older sibling that is struggling with gambling. Their parents died in a car accident and the older brother has gambled most of the insurance money away. Park Shin Hye quit college to take care of her younger siblings. She works at a convenience store, and food delivery.
The owner of the casino is Song Joong Ki, and he kidnaps Park Shin and explains the situation to her about her brother who is played by Jang Geun Suk, who has gone missing because of his debt. Song Joong Ki, loves Park Shin, because she looks like his past love. Song Joong Ki is a demon/vampire. He is interested to learn more about Park Shin but she doesn’t want anything to do with him because of the situation.
She runs into Key as she’s trying to escape and he hides her for a bit. She explains her situation to him and he helps her find her brother. She feels a strong connection to Key and falls for him, and he falls for her too. While protecting her from the devil Song Joong Ki, they find her brother and he tells her their family history and find out the reason why Song Joong Ki wants Park Shin so badly. She is special, what they don’t know is that Key is special too and that’s part of the reason why they are drawn to each other their souls are intertwined.
Hwang Jung-Eum, and Lee Hong Gi are Park Shin’s best friends and create the comedic atmosphere to make it fun.
The Locket and the Key
It ends with the main characters over coming hardships, falling in love with each other after being put through tests
Leaves the viewers hanging
It's pretty crappy but it's slightly based off a short story I wrote back in high school called "The Locket" I just changed the characters to Asians and the bad guy is the devil and the good guy is an angel and the girl is human but she has special abilities.
Thanks @JamiMilsap 😀
Fantastic!!! LOVE the casting and the story! It sounds like an edge of your seat thriller! How could you leave me hanging!? I hope there's a sequel!! ★★★★★