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I know this is a pretty hard question to ask because most games based on movies are horrible (and vice versa) but there've been a couple that I've really enjoyed over the years. 9 times out of 10, though, movie games can be horrible. And most of them are, I wouldn't say that all of my favorite Movie-Games were great 10/10s across the board but I enjoyed them for one reason or another.

Anyway! Let's get to it!


I really loved the Ghostbusters game for Xbox 360 when it came out. I think it's less about what the actual game was like (because I don't really remember any of it) and more about the experience I had with it and the time of my life when it came out. I was spending a lot of time with one of my nephews who hadn't seen any of the Ghostbusters movies so I picked up the game for us to play together. I cherish those moments and I'm glad I had the Ghostbusters game to help us bond in the virtual world.

Spiderman 2

I played a ton of Spiderman 2 on the Original Xbox when it came out. As a teenager -- and this might be true for every teenager -- Spiderman was my favorite superhero. So getting a chance to control him and web around New York City was probably the only thing that teenage me cared about. I remember spending almost all of my time just webbing around after I was finished with the main game. Spiderman 2 isn't the best Spiderman game (Ultimate Spiderman gets that title) but it's still a game that worked well within the criteria of games based off of movies.

The Warriors

Oh, The Warriors. There was a lot about this game I loved. When it came out my friends and I were heavily into film from the 70s (weird for high school kids, I know) and The Warriors was a movie that we definitely watched and re-watched. One of my best friends and I played through most of the game together everyday after school. It probably has one of the best co-op experiences of that generation and it gets me kind of bummed that it's constantly overlooked or forgotten. It's one of Rockstar's best games that has nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto, I sorely miss it and wish there were more open world narrative-driven beat-em-ups.
So that was my shortlist. Do you guys have any games based on movies that you enjoy? Or is that just an insane thing for me to think, that one can like a game that's also a movie tie-in? Let me know in the comments! Or make your own card and enter to win a high five from me*!
*I'll give you a high five anytime. We don't need contests for that, do we?
@MaighdlinS haha no it's fine, but it is a game worth playing
@InVinsybll good to know I was making a poor assumption! lol oops
none? lol I've heard the latest LOTR was good but I'm always hesitant as previously mentioned. I am guilty of seriously enjoying Lego star wars though
it's ET
@Captpeter lego games ALWAYS COUNT
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