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Okay guys this is my first try at a fan fic so tell me how what ya think. Finally the flight attendant walks around telling everyone to put up all electronics and buckle up for landing. Not that I have to worry about the buckling part turbulence took care of that. The lady beside me is terrified of flying and made sure that every time we hit a bump to tighten both my seat belt and hers. "Hurry and put that I pod up young lady," she says to me. I fake a smile at her, "Don't worry I'm turning it off now." Putting my only defense against her pointless chatter into my purse a small sigh escapes my lips. Almost immediately she starts to reassure me that it will be okay. I tune her out as she starts to go though the safety procedures AGAIN and tell me in detail about all the horrible things that won't go wrong. I tried to tell her that I wasn't afraid to fly but no she wouldn't listen. With an annoyed huff I turn to look out the window a real smile escapes my rigid control as I look at the skyline. Mercifully she shuts up as we land. I get off the plane and almost run to the baggage claim to put as much distance between me and that crazy woman. As I glance back to see if she is behind me I slam into this poor unsuspecting man. We both fall scattering our belongs everywhere. "Sorry sorry," I stutter in horrible Korean. I can't believe I finally made it to Korea to see Big Bang and my first act is to tackle this poor soul. "I wasn't paying any attention. Stupid stupid (y/n)." I ramble in English. "That's okay don't worry so much," the man says in English. As I glance up I am meet by my own eyes looking back at me reflected from sunglasses. My mouth has probably dropped to the floor. I recognized his voice instantly, G Dragon. I start picking up my belongings that have fallen around us while my face turns bright red and my brain turns to mush. "I swear I...I didn't run into you I purpose I was running away from this crazy lady from the plane," I say bracing myself for his anger, I know that he is known as a nice guy but I have learned to except the worst at all times. I begin to shut down my emotions as is say, "I really am sorry GD." my voice noticeably calmer. Ji Yong looks up at me and pulls his glasses down just enough to show off his beautiful eyes, "You know who I am? Are you a fan?" I nod and look back at him ready for any negative thing he may say. He can't possibly say something that hasn't already been said to me. I push my messy hair out of my eyes to better see him, "Yes I am a fan I knew who you were the moment you first spoke. I flew here from America to see your concert." That said is start picking up his things and handing them to him. He take them in silence and puts them in his bag. We continue like this for a bit then he says, "Wow... that's pretty cool. You came all the way from America? I knew it happened but I've never met someone who actually did it before." "Well now you have," I say a small smile peeking out from behind my hair. My white teeth standing out against my still red face. "Ji hurry up man we are going to leave you!" A man wearing a face mask yells. Grabbing the rest of his things G Dragon stands up. "It was nice meeting you... um what's your name?" GD asks brushing the dust from his pants. "Drea, pronounced dray-ah," I say waving goodbye as he runs to catch up with his friend. I sit there in shock for a few minutes then stand up suddenly. I walk the rest of the way to the baggage claim in a daze. After I have grabbed my bags and have started towards the exit a HUGE smile spreads across my face. I replay those last few moments in my head over and over agian. "Oh my gracious he is even hotter in person. I'm so glad I'm alive." I flag a cab and tell him where I need to go using my limited Korean. Opening my purse I dig through my unorganized stuff to find my phone. With a gasp I pull out a phone that obviously isn't mine. I tap the screen and go to the phone and enter my number. After a few rings it is answered. "....Hello," Ji Yong say into the phone confusion seeping into his voice. "Um hi it's me again, Drea. Apparently we have each other's phone. If you tell me where to go I can return it to you. I won't do anything to it or anything. I do need my phone back though," I say in one breath. Gulping down a huge chunk of air I wait for his reply. "I will text you the address and time. Oh and Drea I never thought you would do anything to my phone." He says the smile clear in his voice. He hangs up the phone and not but a few seconds later you get a text telling you to meet him at a coffee place tomorrow around noon.
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@CamrynCherry @Princess2328 part 2 is already out just search accidental meeting pt. 2 I will tag u guys in pt. 3 though.
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