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While I have been abroad, I have heard many times from my friends and family that I should go back to the US. Seeing the news though, I think to myself why would I go back? Today, on Mother's Day, 19 people were injured in a random shooting in New Orleans. The police suspect that are 4 perpetrators, but there are no real suspects as of now. The thing that hits home hardest, however, is the fact that these 4 aimed their attack on people who were attending a Mother's Day parade. A woman at the attack said that "the gunmen fired into the crowd of about 300 as if they were playing a popular duck-hunting video game in which players aim at a sky full of ducks and try to shoot as many as possible." These days, it seems, many of these "random hunting" attacks are happening in a place I used to think of as home. Of all the days to attack, why would you attack on Mother's Day? Of all the places to attack, you attack people who are attending a parade to honor mothers? If there are any Americans, or anyone who has people in the US, what do you think about this? I am just saddened and at a loss for words
2 years ago, in Olso, Norway, a Neo Nazis man was heavy armed and killed around 80 teenagers in a annual camping in the islans not far from downtown. Those kids was scared and stuck in the small island withouth any way out. and it was just like a hunting game for the man. Maniac killers are all around the world, they would not even care if shooting on the Mother day, or aiming at the innocent kids. I personally do not think banning on gun would change the situations in the States. in my opinion, only education and media would change the mindset of people. and yah my sympathy for the victims to New Orleans
@miranpark88 the problem is that violence is being more and more accepted as the norm. these days people say oh there was another shooting or another killing and dont even bat an eye bc there are so many. its normal to get jaded but once we also start to accept it as normal then it will just increase more and more
@carlosdang thx that is a good video for a counterargument. I agree there are counterarguments worth considering but I still don't think that the risks are worth the reward when it comes to bans on guns... btw i think that it would be great if u put that card up so that we can all see the other side of the coin lol
omg......such horrible happenings on mother's day...there's no respect or sense of humanity any more in this world. What is happening????? I think that this gunshooting incidents are gaining momentum and this is probably the moment where everyone should be extremely concerned about what is going on in the world and how this is influencing the kind of mindset all around the world...my deepest thoughts and love to new orleans <3
Although I agree with the gun control stance, there's a pretty convincing counter argument made by this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cAsF2h2bT8
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