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He's hawkward.

Hawkeye's not the most popular member of the Avengers, but he's got charm. And a solo movie would really showcase the strengths of the character in a way that the ensemble ones haven't.

Take in all that awesomeness.

The solo Hawkeye comics are a lot of fun! They also really stand apart from other comics in terms of tone. While most comic books still focus on large scale or epic heroism, Hawkeye's strength is in the quieter, smaller moments. Rescuing a beat-up dog and taking him to the vet. Covering his neighbors' rent so they won't be forced to move. They're simple acts of kindness, but they give us heroism on a more human level. I think the MCU could really benefit from telling a story like that.

Plus it would make Jeremy Renner happy.

Where is the downside?
@MelissaGarza for sure. It would be pretty different from the other movies I think, which might be a good thing. Like a nice contrast :D
Hawkeye movie would be almost. It will great to see a movie that gives us or show us back story about Hawkeye. 馃槉
@JimTurpen I'd be totally down for that haha.
@shannonl5 Bourne Widow?
@JimTurpen haha a Bourne movie with a bunch of circus freaks XD I could imagine one with his brother Barney as the villain. There are a few comics that went that route and unlike Loki and Thor it could work on a pretty small scale. Guy gets in over his head, refuses to let his brother help, makes things worse, refuses to let himself be saved. Now if we're talking Bourne movies, gimme a Black Widow movie ;)
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