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I see a lot of people liking my BTS vampire story and I love writing it. I want to to write more stories just for you guys. I never suspect that y'all would like my story. But thank you who did. Well I have a couple ideas of a some stories but still working out the kinks.
Jackson the 1000 years old warrior. Jackson have been the most bravest warrior of all. During the Ming dynasty he fought a thousand men by his self and survive. He was the most deadliest and fear person in the war. But he fell in love with with a goddess. She was the most beautiful thing ever but their was something wrong he couldn't pick out. "Your so beautiful who are you?" He asked as he looked at her. "I'm the one that will make you into a powerful warrior." She said. What does she means a powerful warrior?
He is beautiful, his voice is heavenly sent but their is something about his that you don't understand. "I might be beautiful but I am deadly." He said looking her. What does this means.
Three brothers cast from their village because of what they are. Then been searching for a place to live. Until one of them found their one true love. But then ripped of it for 1000 years. "I love you no matter what." Mark said. "I'm dying there nothing you can do my love just live your life." Jackson said. What is this markson?
I know im still working on my BTS story but I can't help be ready for the next one if you guys want to me to write another one. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BTS: SNEAKY BOYFRIEND. I LOVE YOU GUYS I HOPE YOU READY FOR FINAL PART 2 @@amandamuska @@Thepinkprincess @@AimeeH @Emealia @BBxGD @ninjamsidor @merryjayne13 @yaya12 @QueenLee @VIPFeak2NE1 @Orihemay
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Thank you.
@DeniseiaGardner lmao. I've noticed. but its all good. I'm glad I inspire you to keep writing 💕
@BBxGD lol I will lol